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WW : weight watcher, you must be heard about it but most of you don’t know how it works, and does it works?

I hope you will find your answers after reading this article.


The first thing that’s going to happen when you join Weight WatchersΒ is, you are going to be assigned your daily smart points budget and four things go into figuring out.

What your budget is going to be and that is your age your gender your height and of course your weight.
With those 4 pieces of information, Weight Watchers is going to tell you not only how many daily smart points you get but how many weekly smart points you get.

After you have that information and how many smart points are in your budget you are free to go ahead and start tracking.
But first, let’s go to the basics of what exactly is involved in a smart point?


  • what is a smart point?


The first thing you need to know is that every food or beverage has a smart point value.
That value can be 0 (zero) but, 0 is still a number so everything that goes in your mouth has a smart point value and can be tracked on your tracker.
The way Weight Watchers determines the value of any given food or beverage item has changed over the years back in points “plus” it was fat and fiber.
If I recall correctly, calories, fat, and fiber I believe were the things that went into generating your points plus values.
Now we have gone a little bit deeper into the nutrition and the macronutrient breakdown


Four things that determine the SmartPoint value of a food or beverage are-

  1. Amount of calories.
  2. Saturated fat.
  3. Amount of sugar.
  4. Amount of protein.

With that information Weight Watchers determines what the smart points value of an item is.

One thing to remember is the smart points value of most products is zero. I say most because there are a couple of stipulations and go to your tracker for the most accurate information on this.
But if it is a raw fruit or vegetable or it is canned in its juice no added sugar frozen no added sugar or cooked just plain not with oils or anything like that the value should be zero.

A couple of exceptions are things like corn and avocados and again if you have any questions or doubts refer back to your tracker because that will give you the most accurate information. but in general, produce is zero smart points.
The reason Weight Watchers use these four pieces of information is because not all calories are created equal and that is becoming much more apparent.

The more research that’s done on nutrition, you are much more likely to stay satisfied and be more nutritionally sound.

When you consume 300 calories worth of chicken than when you consume 300 calories worth of a candy bar and let’s be honest the serving size of the 300 calories of chicken is going to be significantly larger portions than 300 calories of a candy bar.
So, using that information knowing the protein keeps us fuller for longer and knowing that sugar is starting to be detrimental to our health.
Weight Watchers use that information to create a smart points program.


There are four essential rules to remember when it comes to smart points and their values and I have already mentioned all of these rules.
I’m going to go ahead and repeat them for you:-\


1) Everything food or beverage has a smart points value, that value could be zero but it should be a value.


2) Protein lowers the smart points value of something


3) On the opposite end of the spectrum, saturated fat and sugar will spike the smart points value of something.


4) Most produce items are zero points. Again refer to your tracker if you need more specifications.



Don’t leave yet! as boring as that sounds it kind of makes sense.
So every day you have three different types of points that you can be drawing from you have your regular daily smart points you have your weekly smart points and you also have fit points and I look at these in terms of your bank account.

Well, here your daily smart points as you would your checking account this is where you keep some money that you use to live on.
When it comes to daily smart points you have to use all your smart points every single day from the daily section.

Your budget will never go under 30 smart points per day when you are on points plus the minimum number was 26. but since smart points started it bumped up to 30.

So, I use 30 smart points every day and the reason you are not supposed to go under that, you could risk happening there is, your body could go into starvation mode because you are simply not getting enough calories and enough nutrients to sustain a living.

Your body is going to shut down and you will not see the scale move in the direction that you want because your body is trying to hold on to every last calorie that you ingest.

Trust me when I say eat your minimum number of smart points take that checking account, and use it to live your life and pay the bill.
Use all of your dailies every single day.
Look at your weekly smart points as your savings account. you have a little bit of money in there for when you need to dip into those extra expenses and that’s exactly what your weekly smart points are for.

At the end of the day, if you are hitting that late-night crave session and you only have two smart points left but you want something that is five smart points, the flexibility of the Weight Watchers plan allows you to do that.
What will happen is you eat that five smart point item and the two smart points that you have left in your dailies will go away and now your checking account is empty for the day but you have that savings account sitting there. that you can take the remaining three points. Eat them, enjoy them, and not feel remotely guilty about it. that is the whole point of having those weeklies around.

Now weeklies will also be determined based on your weight and all of the other things I said before.

I didn’t know this until recently when I was talking to my old Weight Watchers leader about it and I was talking to my sister and my mother about their smart points size. we all have different budgets that we are working towards and I had no idea that that’s how that worked.
So I work with thirty points in my checking account 35 points in my weekly savings account and based on your weight those numbers will both change for you.

As you lose weight the number of smart points that you will get will go down. you will be allowed less the more weight you lose until you hit that 30 and 35 minimum.

Your checking account and your savings account do not roll over which means, if you only eat 20 smart points of your thirty dailies in a day you do not get to take those 30 smart points for the next day at least I don’t think you do.
At midnight your daily smart points are going to reset and you will get your new freshly filled budget.


what to weeklies?

You are free to use your weeklies from your weigh-in day which is when they reset.

So I get 35 smart points in my weekly budget.
Every Friday morning if I do not use those by Thursday night I will lose them essentially and I start fresh with another 35, I cannot bank three or four weeks and then have like a binge-worthy 100 SmartPoint week of weeklies.
You know what I’m saying so everything does not roll over it, you start fresh with your daily is at midnight or your weekly is at midnight.

Now, what about the elusive fit point? I’m sure you have seen those around and you know that activity is important.
The fit points are there to encourage you. To get active get moving. There are a couple of ways that you can earn fit points.

  • 1) Enter them manually so as you do an exercise or an activity you can go to the activities tab search for it put in your duration your intensity and it will generate your fit points for you.

But quite frankly the way that I do it and the way that a lot of people do it is you can sync up your activity monitors to the Weight Watchers app. And it will automatically generate your fit points for you. All I have to do is focus on moving and getting my activity in and the fit points just show up.
You will notice that you do have a fit point goal and that is by asking you three different questions,

How often do you get active, how intensely do you get active, and what is your weight using that information.

Weight Watchers will determine your very own fit point goal. that goal is completely flexible.

You will go in and change it at any time and I bumped my way up just because I enjoyed watching the fit points accumulate and sitting and reaching higher goals.
So the million-dollar question is can you redeem your fit points for food?
And the short answer is yes.

At the launch of the smart points, program Weight Watchers said no but now they agree. which is interesting and kind of confusing.
If you are using up your fit points and you find it it’s working for you in the scale is still going down feel free to use your fit points. but, if you find the dipping into your fit points means the scale doesn’t go anywhere it’s probably not an option for your body.

Everybody is different and everybody’s body will react in a different way to the smart points plan.

To redeem your fit ones you first have to earn a base level of activity equivalent to about 3000 steps every day before you can start earning fit points, that will count towards food.
You have two different swapping options-
the first option is to use your weekly smart points first and then in case of emergency you can get into your fit points this is personally the way that I track my fit points and I try hard not to use them because I like knowing that I have generated that activity that smart points deficit.

  • 2) I can’t speak on a personal level for this. but you can tell it to swap fit points first and then as you’re going throughout your day.

Once you use up your daily smart points budget you will dip into your fit points first. so say you earn 10 fit points in a day (After that 3000 steps that you initially need before the app will allow you to redeem them) you can dip into those first and then you’ll eat all of those or maybe not all of those like, you’ll eat seven of the 10 then you will end up touching your weeklies.

Again I’ve never tried that.

so, I don’t know the success rate on that one. if you have tried it let me know in the comments below

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