Weight Loss Tips : Yo-Yo dieting to reset your Fat Thermostat

Yo-Yo dieting to reset your Fat Thermostat


Weight Loss Tips using “Yo-yo” dieting, in which a person repeatedly loses and regains weight. He may have a lasting or even negative impact on immune function as said by the new findings by researchers at the University of Washington’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

The good news is, by changing your eating habits you can reset your “Fat Thermostat”.


Weight Loss Tips Yo-Yo dieting to reset your Fat Thermostat


The following are the six Weight Loss Tips to trick your fat memory and stay slim:

  1. Work it out is the main one of the Weight Loss Tips. The only sure way to get around the fat memory problem is to exercise, thereby increasing your metabolic rate and burning calories. At the same time, you will be bolstering your immune system and building muscle, the extra weight of which will trick your body into believing you have enough fat stores and stop trying to gain more.
  2. Banish binges. As well as a fat memory, we also have a cognitive memory, which means we find it mentally difficult to adjust to eating changes and return to normal eating patterns. If you do overindulge, try to cut back over the following few days, rather than starving or pigging out for an entire week.
  3. Think long-term. Forget rapid Weight Loss Tips; instead, cut food intake by 100-200 calories a day. Sure, it may take longer to lose the weight, but this one of the Weight Loss Tips won’t trigger your fat memory alarms. “If you really want to stay slim, you have to introduce changes which are sustainable over time,” notes Spector.
  4. Keep it regular. Follow the Weight Loss Tips regularly but never go for longer than three hours without eating something. If it happens so the body may think it is in a starvation state and send hormones to the stomach, which create hunger pangs and increase your cravings and appetite.
  5. No quick fix. Dieting makes our fat memory even more ingrained. After two to three days on restricted levels of food, your body goes on red alert, releasing hormones, which slow down the metabolism and digestive process, prompting it to lay down extra fat reserves.
  6. Be patient. “It’s difficult to put a precise figure on it, but once you gain excess weight it could take time to reset your body’s fat thermostat back to its lower level,” says Spector. “So any changes you make really must be for life.” But it’s not impossible. With some effort and patience, you can retrain your body to be slimmer by using these Weight Loss Tips.

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to show potential long-term effects of yo-yo dieting on health,” said researcher Cornelia Ulrich, Ph.D. The Hutchinson study interviewed 114 overweight, but otherwise healthy,

women about their 20-year weight-loss history and found that long-term immune function lessens in proportion to how many times a person loses weight.

Natural Killer Cell activity – NKC

They also found that people who had been fairly weight-stable over several years will have a higher immune function as measured by natural-killer-cell activity.

This depressed NKC activity has been associated with increased cancer incidence and susceptibility to colds and other viral infections.

“While one Weight Loss episode of 10 pounds or more in the previous 20 years was not associated with the current natural-killer-cell activity,

more frequent weight loss episodes were associated with the significantly decreased natural-killer-cell activity,” said Ulrich.

Those who reported losing weight more than five times had about a third lower NKC function.

Reason for the regaining of weight

Scientists have also indicated another reason for the regaining of weight after following Weight Loss Tips by Yo- Yo dieting. Our body is programmed to store fat and counteract diets to get us back to the highest weight we have ever been.

This is controlled by a mechanism dubbed the “fat memory,” which is how our ancestors used to survive famines—by eating enough to enable them to go for days without sustenance.

If long-term studies Weight Loss Tips mentioned by Yo-Yo dieting replicate these results, what are the implications for the millions of Americans who constantly battle the bulge? Could it be safer to carry around a few extra pounds rather than risk the health effects of Weight Loss Tips mentioned by yo-yo dieting?

But nowadays, when there’s an abundance of food and a tendency to overindulge, “the body gets confused about weight gained over and above what is needed and it can reset your fat thermostat too high,” notes Professor Tim Spector, author of Your Genes Unzipped: How Your Genetic Inheritance Shapes Your Life.

So when you shed unwanted pounds, your body then uses all of its resources to ensure that you regain them.

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