Swimming Workouts for Weight Loss for Beginners



Swimming being one of the best cardiovascular exercises is the most efficient technique to lose weight in a very healthy way. Besides offering you the solution for weight loss, swimming also has lots of other health benefits.

It helps to prevent diabetes, stroke and other heart diseases. Swimming has a lot of styles and techniques, which will make your body and heart very fit and focused.

Few important swimming workouts for weight loss for beginners are discussed here for further reference.




Beginners Diet tip:

If you are a beginner in swimming, it is important to have a balanced diet after the swimming workouts. Swimming actually stimulates the appetite of your body, wherein you should refrain from eating the carbohydrates you had burned during the session.

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Whenever you start the workout session please do a warm-up. Warm-up is covering a distance of 50 meters, doing any style of swimming you prefer. Probably an easier one, as this is just to make your body ready for the workout.

Beginner’s levels:




Freestyle stroke:

Then, the first level is to try freestyle swimming, based on an individual’s exertion rate. Freestyle is nothing but to keep your head and eyes focused on the bottom of the pool and also ahead, and move your arms and shoulders consecutively kicking your legs to give you control and stability.

Your toes should be straight pointing their flippers, to give you support especially to the hip area.



This is similar to the prayer; you have to extend your arms concurrently away from the body, at shoulder weight, from the chest, with palms facing down. A person can burn a considerable amount of calorie by doing this stoke for an hour.


Important swimming workout tips:

If you have joined the swimming classes to lose weight, remember one hour work out in the pool daily can yield you the results you want.

Since you are new to this, do not over pressurize yourself to stay too long in the pool, to lose weight over the night. Instead, go for one hour sessions with regular intervals, like if you swim for five minutes take rest for 2 to 3 minutes and then continue.


Points to remember:

Try it with regular small breaks, so that you do not over exhaust your body. Take regular breaths for every three strokes. Try to cover just 100 yards at the initial level, so that your body will feel comfortable.

Once you complete 100 yards, go for another one till you maintain the same comfort. If tired please rest.

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