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Initially, it was developed for overweight cardio patients, The South Beach Diet exploded onto the plates of the health-conscious masses when released as a book in 2003.

The South Beach Diet is the invention of Arthur Agatston, M.D., a working cardiologist inspired by the apparent failure of low-fat diets for successful, long-term weight loss.


South Beach Diet review


The doctrine of the South Beach Diet:

Following this diet, you lose 8 to 13 pounds in the first two weeks on this diet.

You continue to drop one to two pounds per week mostly from your midsection, thereafter.

Once you reach your ideal weight, you retain it by adhering to the principles behind the diet for life.

According to Dr Agatston, following The this Diet also improves health by altering blood chemistry, ultimately resulting in lowered triglycerides and cholesterol.

The benefits of the S.B Diet are a drastically improved cardiovascular system and a reduced risk for adult-onset diabetes.

The author insists that by the time you’ve adopted the S.B Diet for the long haul, it does nothing short of saving your life.

Healthy old age and vitality aside, it’s probably The S.B Diet’s laissez-faire attitude towards food and eating that best explains its attraction.

“You’ll have three balanced meals a day, and it will be your job to eat so that your hunger is satisfied,” Dr Agatston writes on page one. “You be urged to have snacks… You’ll have dessert after dinner.”


Theory of the South Beach Diet:

As do the proponents of low-carb diets, The South Beach Diet blames the hormone insulin for weight gain, rather than high-calorie foods.

The idea is to replace processed carbohydrates (e.g. baked goods) with fewer, healthier carbohydrates (vegetables and whole grains, etc.) that enter your bloodstream slowly.

By avoiding foods that spark a sharp increase in blood sugar, Dr Agatston argues, “your pancreas won’t produce as much insulin, and you won’t get the exaggerated craving for more carbs,”

Instead, blood sugar levels stay stable, curbing the urge to overeat that causes weight gain.


The South Beach Diet:

The South Beach Diet is a three-phase diet plan.

In phase one of the Diet, You go strictly low carb for the first 14 days.

No pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, dairy, fruit, sugar, or alcohol. Period. Instead, you eat vegetables and all types of meat, but the meat must be lean—saturated fats, too, are disallowed.

You can eat an unlimited number of eggs, some sugar-free desserts, some varieties of nuts, and most types of cheese. Tea and coffee are acceptable.

In phase two of Diet, carbohydrates are reintroduced.

But they might not be the ones you’re used to, and portion sizes are small.

Some indulgences, such as chocolate, are allowed in moderation.

Chicken, turkey and oily fish are encouraged, as is the consumption of more nuts, cheeses and yoghurt.

There’s also an emphasis on mono- and polyunsaturated fats, the so-called “good” fats (olive, canola and peanut oils particularly), which are known to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

When you hit your ideal weight you slip into phase three—maintenance. Now that you’ve learned how to eat “normal foods, in normal size portions,” says Dr. Agatston, maintaining your new, healthy weight is no longer a “diet,” it’s a way of life.


The South Beach Diet phases


Phase One of South Beach Diet

Phase One of Diet entails 2 weeks of strict dieting and is the initial weight-loss period.

As with the Atkins diet, nearly all carbohydrates are avoided, you still eat normal-sized meals and many people report losing between 8 – 13 lbs.


Phase Two of South Beach Diet

The second Phase During phase two of the diet the good carbs are introduced back into your diet, you continue to lose weight until you reach your target weight.


Phase Three of S.Beach Diet

The third phase of this Diet is the life long period, maintaining your desired weight with a healthy balanced diet.

If you start to gain weight again, you return to phase one of this Diet, for a few days.

As with many diets,

it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and with this South Beach Diet,

it is also recommended to take a daily calcium supplement.

As we always recommend to consult your doctor or medical advisor before altering your diet or exercise plan.


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