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GM diet is followed by many people for rapid weight loss but is it safe? what is science behind gm diet?
gm diet
 In the GM diet, you have to follow a fixed food pattern.
 If you follow that particular pattern of eating you will lose weight at the end of the week.

    •  So what is this magical pattern
  •  Well, starts with “day one” where you have only fruit except for banana”.


  • “two – where you only have vegetables.”


  • ” three – where you have only fruits and vegetables”


  • ” four – where you have banana milk and soup”


  • ” five – where things get a little bit interesting, you have brown rice and tomatoes and you can include some form of lean protein like fish or chickens.


  • ” six – you have brown rice vegetables and a lean source of protein again.”


  •  “Day seven – you have brown rice vegetables that lean source of protein and fruit juice.”

 Now there are multiple reasons why I have an issue with this diet plan and why every human being should have an issue with this particular diet.
  • 1) The GM diet was developed by General Motors in 1985 to help the employees deal with their weight issues.



Now in the fitness world, there’s a new research and new science that comes out every 2 or 3 years. And this guide was developed 32 years ago so it’s a completely outdated concept that’s rule number one.

 What we know in the modern days…



Science doesn’t batch with this particular diet plan. if you read any of the articles about the GM diet, the only justification the writers will give you is that this is a detox diet, and it helps your body get rid of all its toxins.

 They don’t explain how the body gets rid of toxins.
 They don’t explain what actually goes on in your body when you’re doing the GM diet.
 Well, that’s the major concern I have with this particular diet plan.
 In today’s article, I’m gonna scientifically break down what actually happens inside your body when you’re following the GM diet. there’s absolutely no restriction on the number of foods they allowed.
 but, there is a restriction on the type of food they choose to have.
 Two key foods are completely eliminated from your diet if you’re following the GM diet.
 The first is “table sugar” –
Anything with added sugar is eliminated.
The sugar you’re only getting from your fruit.
 And the second thing, that “eliminates all kinds of processed food” including even something like alcohol.
 Unfortunately, the time that we live in with surrounded by processed food and surrounded by sugars.
 These two foods cause a majority of young people to have a higher fat% than normal.
 Even if you’re not following the GM diet you will end up losing weight if you just cut out sugar and you just cut out processed foods.
 So more than a magical diet, think of this as a magical elimination that’s one way the GM diet works.

  • 2) caloric theory –
 Now everyone has a unique number called the maintenance calorie level.
 It is the number of calories you need to fill up every day.
 It’s like a calorie cap if you go above that calories cap you put on weight if you stay below it you’ll lose weight.
 So, if you want to lose weight in the long term your goal should be the stay below your maintenance calorie level every single day.
 Now the scientific way of doing this is that you stay just below your maintenance calorie level and wait for ways to drop, until the point where your actual maintenance calorie level drops and then you lower your calories just a little bit again.
 My point is that you need to create a small deficit. that’s how you ensure that you don’t lose a lot of muscle.
 But, the GM diets call for a rapid and huge caloric deficit.
 How is it doing that?
 You need to understand that the foods involved in the GM diet are all low calorie your fruits. And veggies are super low calorie and more importantly, they’re high in fiber. So, they fill you up.
 So even if you have a huge quantity of them you’re not filling up your entire calorie gap. leaving a lot of space and is creating a huge deficit one else is cutting when you’re following the GM diet.
You’re cutting all forms of fat there’s very little oil involved. you’re also cutting good fat sources like nuts.
And most important especially for vegetarians you’re cutting protein almost entirely.
Even the non-vegetarians were allowed lean meat, you’re only allowed lean meat which barely has any calorie.
 They’re still creating a very huge deficit and from a health perspective that large deficit is very unhealthy.
 The GM diet has little numbers on the weighing scale. If you’re choosing a certain number you will lose weight.
 But, what you can understand is that, as a human being your goal shouldn’t be weight-loss, it should be fat loss.
 The GM diet is making you lose three kinds of weight – 


  • 1) Water weight-
 Now if you cut off the salt from your diet which is happening in the first four days of the GM diet may only having fruits and veggies minimal seasonings.
 What’s happening is that your body let go of all the water is holding.
 Now current guidelines all over the world say that you need to have at least half a teaspoon of salt in your daily diet source maintains the electrolyte balance in your body.
 which in the long term makes a body hold water which is a very healthy and good condition for your body to be in.
 So that’s the first reason the GM diet is bad for health.
 Your body can’t let go of all that water is holding.
 So a lot of people when they start the GM diet in the first four days they cease rapid weight loss and they think that works but it’s not like.
 That the second kind of weight you’re losing on the GM diet is,

  • 2) Muscle weight-
 The first four days of the GM diet called for zero to minimal protein
Then you can include some form of lean meat if you’re non-vegetarian for the next three days
And if you’re a vegetarian you’re not even for lean protein.
 Current guidelines say that you need a gram of protein per kg of body weight.
So if you’re 60 kg individual you need 60 grams of protein.
Which is about 7 to 8 whole eggs every single day.
 Now on the GM diet, even if you’re a non-vegetarian for 4 out of 7 days you’re getting zero protein.
And in the process of getting zero protein, your body reacts by burning off muscle to use as energy.
 Remember when you are in a caloric deficit your body thinks you’re starving, you’re not getting enough calories.
So it starts burning its resources like –
1) “fat” which you’re trying to burn
2) “muscle” which will you burn if you’re not eating enough proteins.
 And this loss of muscle is horrible for health and it may also lead to some form of “halos”.

  •  Fat –
  Well, this is what most of you guys are aiming to lose.
 But here’s the deal with GM diet.
 You will lose some form of fat because you’re in a caloric deficit.
 But, you’re also losing all your water weight and all your muscle weight.
 The moment you’ve come off the GM diet. When you start having normal food (Not even junk food) you’re going to put back on all that water weight. And your body is also going to try to put back on all that muscle mass.
 In the process of putting on that muscle mass, when you start going in a slight caloric excess your body will also deposit the fat.

 Even people who recommend the GM diet will tell you that this is just a temporary solution.
 If you want to look good for certain events take up the GM diet for seven days. Otherwise, this isn’t a long-term option
 Now, if you want to look good for an event instead of putting your body through seven days of torture like this you can also just take a diuretic pill and let your body drain out all this water.
 But again that is a very unhealthy practice just like the GM diet.
 What I have seen is that it’s mostly girls who take up the GM diet. especially vegetarian girls.
 As I said in this particular article, this is one of the worst things you can do to your body.
 Educate yourself about fitness science and instead of looking for short-term solutions, join Fitness in the long term for the rest of your life.

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