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How to Lose Belly Fat

So you’re finally ready to do what it takes to lose that stubborn belly fat and I’m here to help you.

let’s determine how long it will take you to lose that belly fat. what I want you to do is first find out which one of these six photos best represents your current body fat percentage and where you’re at right now


Now in order to successfully strip off that stubborn belly fat, you’re going to have to get down to ideally around 10% body fat what we know is the optimal rate of fat loss to shoot for.

we can get a rough estimate shown here of how long this process will take you to do based on where you’re at right now, and assuming that you stay consistent with the right approach week after week.


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Now for a lot of you, this may come as a surprise and is likely a lot longer than what you expected.

Because most of us and myself included obviously want to lose that stubborn belly fat as soon as possible.  but what most people are unaware of is that there’s actually a physiological catch with belly fat.

That explains why it’s so hard to lose when compared to other areas and explains why you may not be seeing any actual improvement in your belly fat despite your efforts.



  • Why your belly fat is so difficult to lose:


1) when we compare it with other areas of your body, stubborn areas like your belly fat actually consists of a greater amount of a certain type of fat cell that’s very resistant to mobilization and a lot more difficult to burn off.


2) The subcutaneous fat covering your abdominal area also received significantly less blood flow than other parts of your body does.

This makes things more difficult because the less blood flow an area of your body receives the more difficult it becomes to mobilize and burn off the fat from that area.


And these two reasons are why your belly fat is so difficult to lose.

that’s why certain areas of your body like your face, your chest and your arms are gonna tone up quickly. while more stubborn areas like your belly fat just seem to remain unchanged.



The good news, however, is that losing your belly fat is not impossible,

It’s just that most people screw up the process before the fat loss can even reach that region.

But today I’ll clear it all up for you with a three-step protocol that you can use to both,

lose that stubborn belly fat good and potentially speed up a process at which you lose fat from that region:


1) Calorie Deficit:


Calorie Deficiet


Calorie Deficit, the one and the only solution to get rid of love handles and lose belly fat.

Your belly fat is no different as its governed by the same principle

And there’s no break in the law of physics here so, you need to be eating at a calorie deficit.

And combining this with regular weightlifting for the best results. Now while though this is what’s going to set up a foundation to enable you to burn off fat in.

here are some food which will help you


2) Mobilizing your belly fat:


Mobilizing your belly fat


You can start losing fat from that area but, This is where most people fail.

The process is by adhering to “step 1” calorie deficit for long enough.

Until fat loss starts to finally come off from your abdominal.

because remember your body is gonna prioritize losing fat in other areas like

your chest, your arms, and your face before it eventually moves on to your abdominal.

since these other areas are much easier for your body to burn off and use for energy sadly though.

People implement step 1 but then after a month if they found no change in their belly they leave.

You need to be in a calorie deficit for long enough such that your body has stripped off enough fat from other areas and now needs to rely more on burning off your belly fat for fuel.

Research shows that,

As you gradually strip off more and more fat from other areas of your body and get leaner,

your body will actually start redirecting more and more blood flow to your belly fat.

Since the process of you losing your belly fat is going to naturally speed up & your body begins to prioritize that area more and more.


3) Speed up the process (abs exercises):

First, you want to ensure that you regularly performing ab workouts and getting stronger with them over time.

Although we know that this isn’t going to directly reduce your abdominal.

what it can do is actually build up your abs,

Such that they (abs) become more visible even at a higher body fat percentage.

A research found that after 10 weeks of abs workout. subjects were able to significantly increase the thickness of each portion of their abs.

So, you wouldn’t have to get as lean to get your six-pack to really pop through that belly fat.

So, simply include ABS exercises into your weekly routine and, overload them with the weight training over time.

just like you would any other muscle in order to grow them.

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