How to get rid of love handles | Myth about love handles

Love Handles

Majority of beings are having myths about love handles. I’ll gonna bust all of your myths and will give some simple tips to get rid of love handles.



The low back fat is really the love handles?

The area that you can grab that sort of works it’s a way around to the backside, it’s a common problem for guys especially.

For men, it is really the first place for body fat to come on your body and the last place to lose it.

Even being at a low body fat level and anybody out there that’s reading can still have a good amount of fat on the backside of the lower back and its last place to come off.


If you were going to attack the problem though with exercises like a hyperextension. you see people do these all the time.



Is that going to help you in the long term?

I’m going to tell you “NO”, it’s not.
The main thing you have to do is continue to work on your nutrition and your diet.
Diet and nutrition is the only way you’re ever going to rid yourself of love handles.

You can do as many crunches, to try to get rid of that fat and it isn’t coming off

Unless you learn how to do three, four, or five sets of keeping your mouth shut when you’re around bad foods.
That’s the first thing you’d better prioritize.

However, there is some real value in strengthening your lower back and learning to get a stronger low back.
One of the best ways to do this is by deadlifting.

See, we’re big advocates here, not just because we train athletes,

But because we know how functionally strong you can become by learning how to deadlift and hip hinging and learning and developing proper strength in your lower back.

Your low back can become extremely active by just doing the deadlift itself and increasing your strength on a lift.
By virtue of the fact that this is a heavy compound movement, you’re metabolically calling on many more muscles to participate in this exercise.

And therefore have a bigger bang for your buck at the end of the day.

When it comes to what exercises you’re performing.
So whether you could do a hyperextension here, or do some deadlifts and start increasing the weight.

you’re lifting on this exercise, you’re much better off going for the deadlift over time.
That’s going to help you to start burning more calories. even at rest so you can now start to get leaner in combination with that diet.

Now, we’ll leave you with one other point here,

Some people who want to create an illusion of a change in their physique can actually do it with other muscle groups, not the low back.

That area is usually entrenched in a lot of tissue that makes it very difficult to create an illusion.
If you wanted to create the illusion of wider shoulders,

you can work on your side lateral raises and build up your deltoids.

We don’t carry much fat in the delts. You hardly ever carry much fat up there.

So just by creating more muscle growth and size there, you can create a little more definition.

You see people all the time that aren’t very lean, but still, have some definition in their shoulder.

It’s not going to happen when it comes to your lower back.
It’s just too entrenched in the body fat and this tissue that’s around there.
The best option is to attack it through your nutrition and work on those big lifts.


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