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How to boost your metabolism and burn more fat!!





The metabolism is the chemical process your body uses to break down and transform the food you eat into fuel.

Protein, Fat, Water, Vitamins, Minerals and Carbs are the nutrients the body uses for energy.

Before we move on I do want to make it clear that,

In order to burn fat:

You must be in a calorie deficit it does not matter whether you’re paleo, vegan or anything.

Energy has to be either used or stored once it’s consumed.
and if you’re getting in too much energy it will get stored.
that being said the amount of energy you actually burn with your personal metabolism is largely dependent on “four important factors” that we have varying amounts of control over:


1) Personal BMR:


Our basal metabolic rate!!
Your personal basal metabolic rate is the number of calories you burn just living your normal life.

This number is largely dependent on factors not in your control such as,
your age, sex, height and genetic makeup.

However, there is one modest way you can control it,
and that’s by improving the muscle to fat ratio on your body!

The more muscle and less fat you have the more calories you will burn just chilling.

So how does one acquire this lean and sexy muscle tissue?

By lifting heavy things!
Doing resistance training is quite helpful for body composition and thus benefits one’s metabolism!!

Also doing high-intensity circuit training is effective as well,
This form of training will help you build muscle while increasing your metabolic rate even after your workouts are finished.

The choice is a personal preference!
but if you’re truly trying to maximize fat burning then high-intensity circuit training is best.


2) The hormone insulin:

The whole process of proper digestion is almost entirely dependent on the proper release and absorption of insulin.

since insulin secretion is largely dependent on carbohydrate intake!
so get your carbs to the right levels.
too many carbohydrates particularly the wrong ones over time lead to insulin resistance and medical conditions like type-2 diabetes.


The goal is:

For your body to be insulin sensitive!!

this means that,

  • 1) Your insulin is functioning properly.
  • 2) And responding appropriately to the carbohydrates and other food consumed.


Some important steps to take in order to get more insulin sensitive are:


  • 1) Eliminating fast-acting carbohydrates like refined grains flour and sugar from the diet.
    and managing the overall intake of carbohydrates.


  • 2) Getting proper sleep!!

the body becomes more insulin sensitive when we get seven to nine hours of sleep. So it too affects your metabolism.


  • 3) Consider using intermittent fasting!!

It has been shown to both “increase insulin sensitivity” and “raise resting metabolic rate” by 3-4% during a fast.


3) digestive enzymes and gut bacteria:


Once the food is consumed it has to be processed for the uptake of those nutrients.
A big part of this process is breaking down those nutrients with enzymes and bacteria.

The crazy thing is there are actually just as much bacteria as there are cells in the body,
we’re talking 10-20 trillion different microbes.


The problem here is that-

Many people have ruined their healthy gut bacteria and digestive enzymes by eating too many processed foods.
Consuming too much sugar and even doing necessary antibiotic rounds that kill healthy gut bacteria.

The more of the incorrect bacteria in the gut the harder it is for the body to process the healthy foods we eat.

However the more of the good gut bacteria we have the better our food is processed.
And thus the metabolism is improved.


The best ways to fix this are:

Eating healthy bacteria friendly foods like,

  • 1) Broccoli
  • 2) Sweet potatoes
  • 3) Blueberries
  • 4) Bananas
  • 5) Fermented foods like:
    sauerkraut and tempeh.
  • 6) Drinking apple cider vinegar.
  • 7) You can also take a probiotic and or digestive enzyme to help your gut.


4) The natural thermogenesis of certain foods:


Some foods have a naturally greater thermogenic effect on the body.
meaning, the body uses more calories or energy to burn those foods.

Caffeine has been shown to boost metabolism by 3-11% and promote fat burning.


Some of the best sources of caffeine are:

  • 1) Black coffee


  • 2) Green tea.


Because of the additional nutrients they provide.


High protein foods like:


Lean meats or fish have been shown to have the greatest effect on thermogenesis.
Resulting in a 15-30% increase in the metabolic burn.

If you’re vegetarian the substitute would be a high-quality vegan protein shake.
as it will have a large concentration of protein things like lentils, beans and quinoa are great foods.

But just don’t have the same concentration of protein as the above!
and won’t have the same metabolic effects.

Drinking ice-cold water also has a slightly thermogenic effect,
Increasing metabolism by 10-30% for an hour.

Certain peppers like chiles and mustard have been shown to moderately increase metabolism and fat burning in various studies.

Finally consuming lots of dark and vibrant leafy green vegetables will help because they contain virtually no calories.
and the body still needs to heat up to process them making them “zero-calorie food”.


{Here are some good diet-plans you can follow for better results}


If you really want more tips on boosting your metabolism and/or losing fat please check out other articles which are backed by science.

Got a topic you want us to cover? just put in the comments section below. 🙂

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