How Fat loss works | Fat loss process



How does fat leave the body or how fat-loss works?


Knowing this can really help when trying to lose weight.

Some people think it just magically vanishes when you exercise.
other people think it comes out when you go to the bathroom.

or it gets burned off as energy.


Well, a scientific law called the conservation of mass is that –
“Atoms cannot simply vanish they change how  they are arranged but they do not vanish”



So what do fat molecules become?


Well, the chemical formula for average human fat is-

– C55 H104 O6

That’s a mixture of “carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms”

A 2014 study by the University of South Wales  published in the British Medical Journal,

It shows exactly what happens to fat when it leaves the body.

 When we don’t eat enough food to create the energy we need,

The body starts breaking down fat for energy.

As we move our bodies inhale oxygen, a complex series of processes occurs that releases energy.

Resulting in the production of carbon dioxide and water.

As you know that exercise and intermittent fasting or not  eating anything until mid-afternoon creates “HGH” (human growth hormone),

A hormone which breaks down fat when mixed with oxygen.


For every 10 kilograms of fat, you have to inhale 29 kilograms of oxygen to help the hormones break down the fat.

When you exert yourself physically :
– 84% of the fat is turned into and released as carbon dioxide.
– 16% is turned into and leaves the body as water.
That’s right, fat leaves your body as you breathe!
The heavier you breathe the more fat you lose!!
But, you cannot just sit there and do heavy breathing.
You have to actually move your body,
But you cannot cheat the way you are designed.
You must move your body in a way that naturally creates huffing and puffing that’s how you burn fat.
So do whatever it takes to get yourself huffing and puffing.
Eat low-calorie raw vegan food and move your  body in ways that make you huff and puff,
Your way to a thinner healthier life.

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