Healthy Recipes and Healthy Diet

Healthy recipes are the one who follows the guidelines of a healthy diet & involves healthy foods. Healthy recipes also encourage a healthy diet and give people a new idea each day about things to try.

People are always looking for new things to eat and these healthy recipes and healthy diet gives them ideas to stay healthy and slim. Decreasing the fat and calories, while the same time adding nutritional value to the food is the key for a healthy recipe and healthy diet.

These healthy recipes and a healthy diet have been beneficial by preventing cardiovascular diseases, many types of cancers, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and even for weight loss.


Healthy Diet

It is proved that eating a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds nuts, legumes and lentils can prevent the most common diseases associated with ageing and to prolonged life. So why not from now onwards start a healthy diet. It’s never too late to discard unhealthy food and start eating a healthy diet.

The following are healthy recipes and healthy diets, which are healthy and will help you lose weight. We Should include the following ingredients for healthy recipes in the nutrient healthy diet. These things included in the healthy recipes will help to avoid the risk of many forms of cancer, heart diseases and also help you to lose weight.

Items to be included in a Healthy Recipe

The Healthy recipes should include black chickpeas, chilli peppers dates, eggplant, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, fenugreek, almond, apricot, asparagus, grams, broccoli, banana, beans, beetroot, garlic, ginger, green beans, lemon, lime, lentils, kidney beans, oats, peas, potato, radish, scallions, sesame, spinach, Soya beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, zucchini, olive oil, canola oil, noodles, onions, orange, pasta, etc in its healthy diet. These ingredients of a healthy diet are the rich resources of dietary fibre, which is very much needed for anyone to stay healthy.

Healthy Recipes – Tips:

  1. Healthy recipes should be “fat-free”. If you eat a healthy diet prepared following healthy recipes. This will help to lose weight permanently.
  2. Remove the oil from your marinade. Instead of it add acidic thing such as “fruit juice”, nonfat Italian salad or wine as well.
  3. Healthy recipes should not include ingredients that give you too many calories in their healthy diet.
  4. Replace cheddar cheese with mozzarella cheese. This change will gonna reduce the fat content by 1/2 in your healthy recipes.
  5. Replace Butter with chicken broth. This works well for all healthy recipes, which include rice, pasta or stuffing dishes.
  6. Use non-sticking utensils for cooking.
  7. Don’t be carried away with the things, which have the label ‘No Cholesterol’ on them. Majority of vegetable products are cholesterol-free. It is the fat content of the item that matters but not the label.
  8. Bake your favourite foods that are normally deep-fried.
  9. You can also replace your regular sour cream with something good like fat-free sour cream for your healthy recipes. This is an excellent tip for vegetable dips.
  10. Replace the oil with yogurt if possible for you or you can also try pumpkin in your baked goods. This will remove the fat as well as add nutritional value to your cake, muffins or brownies.
  11. Use two egg whites than one whole egg. This will work for the majority of your healthy recipes.
  12. Eat only when you feel hungry and don’t eat food while watching TV.
  13. Avoid all oils. If the healthy recipes need some oil/butter/ghee, use olive or canola oil in small quantity. Make a habit of brushing or spraying the oil in the pan instead of pouring.

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