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GM diet program is designed for a target weight loss of 5 to 10 kilos per week.


 The GM diet is a very strange diet to follow and as instant results. but doctors don’t recommend it.
 It has assured results. here are the details :
Day 1:
 Only fruits: you are very much free to choose any fruit you want except banana.

 you also recommend it to eat a lot of watermelons.

 Consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water.

 Challenging: 4/5

 Recommendation: lots of water, watermelon, apples.

 Avoid: Bananas, oil, Fruit juice

Day 2:
Only vegetables: Cook vegetables of your choice or eat them raw if possible.
Avoid oil as much as you can.
Challenging:  5/5
Recommendations: lots of water, baked potatoes,
Avoid: Oil as limited as you can, fruit juice.

Day 3:
Mix fruits and vegetables: Have your choice of fruits and vegetables combined eat as you want and how much.
Bananas are not recommended even on day three.
Challenging:  3/5
Recommendation: Lots of water.
Avoid: Bananas, potatoes, oil, fruit juice.

Day 4:
Banana milk and soup: You can have as many as 8 to 10 bananas today.
And at least 3 glasses of milk.
You have the liberty to consume unlimited quantities of special soup.
Challenging:  1.5/5
Recommendations: Lots of water, bananas, milk.
Avoid: Oil, fruit juices.
“Remember that the first four days allow for no or very minimal salt.”

Day 5:
Custom meal and tomatoes.
Vegetarians may choose to have rice.
Non-vegetarians can have lean meats.
You need to add 6 to 8 tomatoes to your meal.
Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water little more than what you did consume in the previous few days.
Challenging:  3.5/5
Recommended: Lots of water, Tomatoes
Avoid: oil, fruit juice.

Day 6:
Custom meals and vegetables again.
 Vegetarians may choose to have rice and nonvegetarians can have lean meat.
 Here though you can add unlimited quantities of vegetables.

Challenging:  3/5
Recommendation: Lots of water, vegetables.
Avoid: Oil, fruit juice.

Day 7:

Ground rice, fruit juice, and vegetables.
You can consume brown rice fruit juice as you like and vegetables as well

Challenging:  2.5/5
Recommendation: lots of water, watermelon, apples.
Avoid: Oil what’s the popular opinion on the GM diet thanks for watching

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