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Cheapest Weight loss Drink


weight loss drink



 I am going to share with you the cheapest weight loss drink or fat burner which is probably in your kitchen right now.


There are a lot of fat burners which are available in the market these days which costs a lot.

Well, I will not recommend any of those because they are a total waste of money.
I mean why do you want to invest so much money on those products

when you can make a better weight loss drink at home which is also very cheap.


The cheapest fat burner or weight loss drink that I was talking about is nothing but coffee.


Now, when I say coffee, I mean black coffee.


Now, the way you prepare is very important.


All you need to do is, 


1)take a cup


2)Add one teaspoon of coffee powder


3)A pinch of cinnamon


4)Add boiling water into it and give it a good mix.

 That’s all! Your Weight loss drink is ready.



What you should not add:


1) honey


3)milk or cream into it.

 Have it just the way I showed it to you.



Benefits of this drink:

“First of all, it increases your metabolism.”





weight loss drink


Now, coffee has chlorogenic acid which helps breakdown extra fat in your body into energy.


Studies have shown that having one cup of black coffee every day can increase the rate of fat burning by 10 to 30%.


Also, it will increase your focus so you will be able to exercise better,

thus you will be burning more calories while working out.




weight loss drink


Now, adding a pinch of cinnamon has taken this drink to a whole next level.


Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants which help fight the free radicals in our body thus keeping us immune from the diseases.

Moreover, cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels which is very effective for weight loss and fat loss.

Well, these were some of the benefits.


But there are two precautions which I want you to take while having this drink:


1) Timings:


 I would suggest you have this drink only in the morning.

 This is because coffee contains caffeine which stays in our system for about 10 hours.

Because if you will have this drink in the evening it might disturb your sleep.

And this is the last thing that you would want when it comes to weight loss or fat loss.



2) Quantity:


 Limit it’s intake to just one cup a day.

So have 1 cup of this drink early in the morning empty stomach which has about 1 teaspoon of coffee, a pinch of cinnamon and boiling water.

That’s all for the day.

Please don’t get addicted to it.

Now, you have already seen how easy it is to make.

 And believe me, if you use it in the right way, this drink can give you great results.

So try this simple drink and I guarantee you will start getting results in just a matter of a few weeks.


So, friends, I hope you found this article helpful.

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