Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss | Best workouts for Fat Loss

Workouts for Weight Loss


Cardiovascular exercises are the best workout (Workouts for Weight Loss) process which will help you to burn your calories in a healthy way.

They can be mixed with other regimes you follow based on the trainer’s creativity to yield better results.


Weight Loss


The workouts can produce impressive results only when they are combined with good and healthy eating habits.

We shall see about various cardio workouts for weight loss.


The pace of cardio workouts:

  • It is very important to determine the pace of the cardio workout. Exercising at a slower pace or moderate pace shall yield better output.
    You should have to perform a minimum of five workouts in a week with sufficient rest.
    The wok out session can last for 30 min to 1 hour. It will be based on your stamina and heart rates.

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  • Treadmills are an important exercise that yields faster output and it is the best cardio workouts for weight loss. First, you will have to set the timer and speed according to your physical stamina. Then you have to start with a warm-up, say a slow walk. Then you can progress too fast walking, jogging and running at a moderate pace.


Aerobic Dance:

  • There are two types in this one being low impact aerobics and other is a high impact aerobic dance. The first one is a rhythmic activity in which one of the feet will stay in contact with the ground. The other one is for people wanting tough workouts.


  • The step aerobics is one in which the rhythmic movements are just stepping on a slightly higher platform to the ground, instead of leg movements and dance.


  • Swimming, Zumba fitness, walking are some of the other cardio similar to the aerobics.



  • This is the best format of a cardio workout which helps in rapid weight loss. It also improves stamina and overall fitness of a person.
    The legs will get strengthened, and the power is used to burn your calories. Bicycling can be done for half an hour which will help you lose around few hundred calories.



  • This is a work out involves both the lower and the upper part of the body, in which the power you generate will be getting back as resistance. The resistance manages the speed, and determines the effective calories you burn during this workout.


  • Generally for a beginner, you should considerably start at a slower pace and later increase the duration.


Jumping Rope:

  • This is a simple work out that does not demand and space or equipment. It can be done anywhere. This will improve your body and mind synchronization and quickness.

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