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3 Day Diet / Three Day Diet


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The 3 Day Diet is to be used for three days at a time.

Three Day Diet does not use any diet pills etc. but uses all-natural products. You can lose weight of 10lbs if you follow the 3 Day diet correctly. The Three Day diet does not require any special ingredients or expensive recipes as it just consists of ordinary foods found in your kitchen. No frozen diet meals to buy.


The theory behind 3 Day Diet

The theory behind the three Day Diet plan is that if you eat a specific mix of foods you will create a chemical reaction in your digestive system, boosting your metabolism and causing the body to burn fat at a quicker rate than usual. Dieters are to remain on the diet program for only 3 days and must take a 2-day break before repeating it again.

Three-day diet is based on eating a combination of very low calorie, low-fat foods for three days continuously. The dieters who followed the 3-day diet every week had shown good results. The weight is lost as your average weekly calorie intake is less than usual.

The 3-day diet was actually developed for the people who want to lose weight in large amounts. The Three-day diet has been criticized for being a fad, but the truth is that the three-day diet actually works. If you want to have a jump-starting weight loss initially some weight loss professionals recommended this three-day diet as an effective diet.


The 3 Day Diet is to be used for three days at a time.

After fallowing three-day diet for three days, you may return to your normal meals but, you should not overeat after third of the three-day diet. After four days of eating your normal meal, you may continue the three Day Diet.


The three Day Diet is an enzyme and chemically balanced diet.

You can lose weight of 10lbs in just 3 days if you follow the Three-day diet correctly. 3-day diet is not actually a starvation diet as you will be eating normal meals at normal times. The 3-day diet comprises of specific combinations of foods.


Three-day diet is actually a calorie diet:

you can lose weight quickly as long as you eat the same amount of calories in any kind of food. You can replace the food if feel bored with the food you are eating in the three-day diet, but you should see to it that the replaced food should have the same calorie value.


If you are following the three-day diet then you should drink 4 glasses of water or diet soda every day. You can add lemon, salt and paper, herbs, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and mustard to 3-day diet for additional flavour.


Three Day Diet Recipe:


First day of three Day Diet:

For breakfast, you can have Black coffee or tea or water, 1 slice toast with 1 teaspoon peanut butter and 1 banana.

For lunch, you should have 1/2 Cup of Tuna, 1 slice toast and Black coffee or tea or water.

And dinner, you can have 1/2 cup carrots, 1 cup broccoli or cabbage, 2 beef franks or hot dogs, 1 banana, 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream and Black coffee or tea or water.

Second Day of three Day Diet:

For breakfast you can have Black coffee or tea, 1 scrambled or boiled egg, 1/2 banana and a slice toast.

For lunch, you can have 1 boiled egg, 1 slice toast and Black coffee or tea.

And dinner, you can have 1 cup each: tuna or chicken, carrots, melon, cauliflower and 1/2-cup vanilla ice cream.

Third day Of three Day Diet:

For breakfast, you can have black coffee or tea, 5 regular ritz crackers, 1 oz cheddar cheese and an apple.

For lunch, you can have a boiled egg, 1 toast, black coffee or tea.

And dinner you can have 1 cup of tuna, I cup cauliflower. 1-cup carrots, I cup melon, d ½ cup vanilla ice cream.


Advantages of Three Day Diet:

The main advantage of the three-day diet is that it helps you greatly in reducing weight.

Apart from this weight loss three-day diet is also having other advantages like increasing your body energy, healthy skin, reduces allergies.

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